Jeweler, ideological inspirer and creator of the brand Evgenia Emerald is the owner of the Order of the Chief Master Faberge, the winner of the competition of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine in the nomination "The best symbol of high spirituality-2019", "Jeweler of the Year-2020".
The name of the brand is identical with the name and surname of Evgenia, since she considers the creation of her products to be a mystery, in which she puts a piece of her soul and her own vision of the world around her.
“In nature, there are no identical diamonds, as well as our products. Each creation of TM Emerald Evgeniya is unique: we do not work according to previously developed sketches and do not adjust to the masses. We create products with an individual theme, corresponding to the interests and values ​​of the client, which will be proudly passed on to the next generations. "
The peculiarity of Evgenia's work as an author is that she participates in all processes of creating products: from design development to the final result. “Quality control is the main priority of our work. As an expert gemologist, I personally select gemstones and verify their authenticity. All work is done by hand, so we guarantee the quality and originality of the products. "
The main advantage of the Emerald Evgeniya brand is the handmade carving on solid precious stones, which is called "glyptics" and is the major league of jewelry art. Only a few people in the world own this technique. It is products with such carving that are our main pride

Gallery Emerald

A knife “Stone Eagle”

A TM Emerald Evgeniya knife is made of 925 sterling silver. The blade is made of durable Damascus steel that will serve the owners for many years. The handle is encrusted with the rare precious stones - beryl and aquamarine, known for their properties to fill the human body with a vital energy.

A knife “Fire-breathing Steel”

Famous for its obstinate character and unique color for its kind, the panther became the main inspiration for the author of the product, Emerald Evgeniya. The shape of the knife exactly repeats the ideal silhouette of this animal. This work is made of silver with the gold inserts, and is also encrusted with 1,200 diamonds of white, black and yellow color.

A knife “Pride and steadfastness”

A TM Emerald Evgeniya knife with the precious stones of 925 sterling silver. The blade is made of Damascus steel, valuable for its strength and durability. The handle is encrusted with a scattering of the stones of heavenly purity - pomegranate, topaz, citrine, aquamarine, tourmaline and quartz.

A knife “Seven Seconds of Eternity”

A handmade TM Emerald Evgeniya jewelry knife is made of 925 sterling silver - the standard of silver quality. The blade is a high strength Damascus steel. The handle of the knife is encrusted with the top quality precious stones: rubies, sapphires, topazes, citrines, garnets, beryls and aquamarines. The product became the winner of the competition “The best decoration of 2017”.


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